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Lucy $20.00

Take a risk with spikes and you may be surprised just how fun it can be to wear attention-grabbing pumps. Lucy is a medium grey leather 3 1/4 in. pump with 7 rows of silver spikes in the back and 4 rows in the front. Toughen up a dark denim pair of jeans. Leather upper, synthetic sole, runs true to size. We will also surprise you with a big gift as a thank you for purchasing our trendiest shoe!

From the Designer

Jessica Zyla

Jess grew up in Manchester, NH and moved to NY at 18 to attend Fordham's Marymount College where she majored in Fashion Design and minored in Business. Favorite thing to do: explore - new countries, cultures, music and art. She hopes to create fashion that inspires wearers to have fun and to be confident. Her goal is to feel fulfilled and motivated by her work because she firmly believes that "the ultimate success is happiness". We can definitely see ourselves having a blast in her shoes.



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    • Shelley Anderson
    • about 3 years
    • It's me again! I wore the "Lucy" last night for the first time to a party. The fit was perfect, true to size 4.5. I was initially concerned about the width which was premature (I was excited when they arrived and put them on without stockings and after the gym). I comfortably stood in them most of the eve. They were really a big hit!! Everyone loved them.
    • Shelley Anderson
    • about 3 years
    • Haven't worn it yet. Feels very tight width wise which is surprising as the Addison is fine. (Size is 4.5) Maybe wearing it awhile will allow for more give. It's a fun looking shoe. Can't wear it to work (& didn't plan to) but will enjoy on a weekend. This designer is creative!



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