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A brown ostrich-print leather upper creates a comfy yet dressed up fit on a ballerina flat. Chain ornament is mounted at toe, and rubber soles make it sporty to run errands or stroll on the weekends. Perfect with skinny leg jeans.

From the Designer

Maura Marie Hogan

Maura was born in Binghamton, NY and is currently a 4th year fashion design student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. She had a busy summer in NYC interning at Michael Kors and collaborating with us. Maura loves searching for sand dollars at the beach (who doesn't!) and all things outdoors. Her goal is to create a footwear line of her own that will improve a wearer's day to day life. We love everything you have created for us.

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Since the petite shoe market is niche in size but so diverse in tastes, it is difficult to pin point which styles will be best sellers. This means we need your help to make the production decision - if you love a style, please vote and comment, otherwise it may not be produced.

    • Tonya Davis
    • about 3 years
    • I think with the embellishments the color of the base should be in the "look at her shoes" category. Maybe a big bold check print. Colors that work with jeans and a sweater or slacks and a jacket that pulls from a color in the shoe. As you can tell I like to purchase shoes first and build an outfit from them.....the most important part of an outfit .
    • laurhallen
    • about 3 years
    • A good idea, but color of shoe does not relate to silver chains. Perhaps gold chains? Does this shoe seem a bit "toe heavy?"
    • esther
    • about 3 years
    • There is nothing about this shoe I like. Sorry :(



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