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Need a shoe to make that outfit pop but not interested in a bright color? Go with a silver Faith and you'll have a glamorous shoe as much as a basic shoe. Heel height is 3 1/4 in. with 1/2 in. platform, beautiful and sparkly.

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The Odd Slipper

We strive to work with independent designers to create our shoes. However, sometimes we also work directly with manufacturers to bring you an even wider assortment of petite shoes. We hope you enjoy our curation.

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Since the petite shoe market is niche in size but so diverse in tastes, it is difficult to pin point which styles will be best sellers. This means we need your help to make the production decision - if you love a style, please vote and comment, otherwise it may not be produced.

    • Cynthia Cheng Mintz
    • almost 3 years
    • I like the shininess! More Faiths in 3 1/4" (or even 2 1/2"), please!



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